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Our holistic education program includes test preparation, counseling and admissions consulting for students interested in undergraduate and graduate programs in all countries outside of Brazil

We support local Brazilian high schools by organizing college and university visits and educating counselors, students and parents on international educational and scholarship opportunities

Dux Institute provides intelligence and services to help international preparatory schools, colleges and universities understand the Brazil education market and student profiles

Helping you achieve your potential through higher education


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9o Ano - Discovery phase

DUX provides each student a custom analysis to build a 4 year program to reach college goals

1o Ano - Implement Phase

DUX will identify activities, projects and experiences to enrich student involvement and develop key skills and attributes important to colleges

2o Ano - Focus Phase

DUX will create a study plan and provide preparation for the ACT, SAT and TOEFL exams to maximize scores

3o Ano - Apply Phase

DUX will help finalize college selection and prepare the best possible application for each student to reach the right college

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